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RC Aircraft

Very few hobbies that exist under the subject of modelling can be as satisfying as the building of radio control model aircraft. To be able to take full control of an aircraft which has the ability to perform exactly like the real aircraft, using your own radio control equipment.

RC aircraft modellers now have an even wider choice than ever before – starting from electric-powered rc aircraft and all most ready-to-fly trainer rc aircraft to scale model rc helicopters powered by real turbojet engines which can take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to build.

So for anyone who has ever thought of trying their hand at having a model rc aircraft, or for those who already have many hours experience this website is a perfect companion.


RC Airplanes A Hobby or Sport?

Your new hobby/pastime/sport of rc model aircraft. Some would consider it to be a hobby whilst others would say it was a sport, fact is it is officially recognised as a sport. While the building of your radio control aircraft model could be said to be the hobby side and the flying activity the sport side what really matters is the final enjoyment, involvement and satisfaction you get from your rc airplane model.

How did RC Aircraft start?

The first electronically guided model aircraft were at least a century ago in music hall theatres with hydrogen filled airships that would be flown around the audiences using a basic form of spark-emitted radio signal. Also during ww1 the first radio controlled target aircraft were used – although very unreliable and posed a greater danger to the operators than as targets for the guns.

In America great strides in production of practical remotely-piloted vehicles with Walt Good and his brothers series of model aircraft in the interwar period was achieved with positive control. Whilst in Europe the British came up with Queen Bee, a modified de Havilland Tiger Moth, however the radio system on these were still very basic and not reliable – if the aircraft survived target practice it would be necessary to land not an easy task.

In ww2 the Germans developed rc flying bombs in the form of gliders packed with explosives, which would be controlled from the air by a pilot in a manned bomber.

However great advance have been made by military with rc aircraft surveillance airplanes. With the development of transistors, electronic chips, rechargeable batteries and miniature actuators and receivers made possible through research and development by the military. One of the military aims being increased miniaturization, rc aircraft modellers will continue to benefit from there extensive and expensive development work.

So a great thank you to all those involved in making our rc airplane models possible.