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Electric RC Aircraft

The fun and excitement of flying a radio control model aircraft has become even easier with the advances in electrical equipment. Giving a 50% improvement in weight savings with battery and electrical servo equipment allowing the rc electric airplane to stay in the air longer and longer due to the weight saving and longer battery charge storage within the new li pol (lithium polymer) battery. Aprox flying time 15-20 mins.

Also with the loss of some green field flying sites to bulidings the use of rc model airplanes has needed to be equipped with more ergonomic silent engined electric motors and the advances made within the auto industry has made a more powerful and lighter electric motor for use within the rc electric plane. So flying in populated areas is easier.

The choice of an electrical rc aircraft will also be balanced with the ease of flying an electric a/c as opposed to flying an i/c aircraft which can be more difficult requiring more skill and experience.

TIP. Any new rc electric aircraft model enthusiast would be advised to ask
the help of an experienced flyer to help first time they fly their new model.

The choices of rc electrical airplanes can be with:

Rtf – ready to fly as it comes out of the box with no build requirement.

Arf – almost ready to fly aircraft with a minimal amount of build i.e. just applying decals or small painting to be done.

Or do you want to build an rc electric aircraft from scratch and add all the radio receivers – servos – batteries – and build the balsa aircraft from plans. This of course can bring a lot more satisfaction to your rc elect a/c model but more skill, time, (and some times frustration) with it too.

TIP. A self made model can have the disadvantage of being a little difficult to fly than an rtf electric model with radio control. Also the repair to an rtf will be easier to replace the part broken as opposed to rebuilding from plans.

So to your success with your first Radio Control Electric Aircraft and hope you have hours of fun in the air…

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