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Firebird Freedom RTF R/C Airplane

Firebird Freedom
Firebird Freedom
Bonus! For a limited time get your choice of a free combat module, free drop module, free night flight module, or free flight battery with every purchase of the all new Firebird Freedom. Must be ordered from this page to qualify.
Hobby Zone Firebird Freedom, this plane will make it easier for new pilots to teach themselves how to fly with a 3-channel system, and then progress on to other larger and faster RC planes in the HobbyZone and ParkZone product lines. Additionally, X-Port technology makes the options for fun endless!

With this plane come many exciting firsts for HobbyZone, which raise the bar for teach-yourself-to-fly, ready-to-fly RC planes:

A 3-channel radio system in a Zone 1 airplane;
Anti-Crash Technology in a 3-channel airplane;
A 2-piece, mid-set, swept, plug-in wing; and
Rigid, steel wire pushrods to more precisely manipulate the control surfaces


Revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology(ACT)
A 3-channel radio system that makes it easier for pilots who are new to RC to teach themselves how to fly with a 3-channel airplane, thanks to ACT. Additionally, the third channel allows for pitch control so that pilots can make tighter turns and have a wider range of maneuvers, as well as the option to make pitch trim adjustments while the plane is in the air
A one-box purchase, which means that everything that’s needed to get flying comes in the box
A ready-to-fly design that allows users to get in the air quickly after simply attaching the wing pieces and landing gear, and installing the rechargeable 7-cell 8.4V 900mAh Ni-MH battery pack
A two-piece, plug-in wing that provides better handling in the wind, smoother flight, easier transportation, and a sleek, swept-wing design
X-PortT technology that allows pilots to use exciting plug-in accessories, such as the Sonic Combat ModuleT to dog fight with other X-Port-equipped planes, the Aerial Drop ModuleT to drop bombs or a parachutist, or the Night Flight

ModuleT to fly at night after they’ve become more experienced
A powerful 480 motor that permits users to have great climb rate and power while flying their Firebird Freedom
Durable, steel wire pushrods for more precise and consistent control
A detailed instruction manual and video CD that instruct pilots on the proper techniques and steps that need to be taken to get their Firebird Freedom in the air and flying safely
A 1.2 amp variable rate DC peak charger, with LED indicator and trickle charge
A soft, resilient rubber nose that cushions the force of impact and decreases damage if the pilot has a hard landing

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