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Gas RC Helicopter

Kyosho Caliber 5 Gas 1/10th RC Helicopter ARF

Although the instruction manual will explain how to prepare your newly assembled gas rc helicopter for flight, it is one thing to read about it and another thing to be sure of doing it correctly.
A properly set-up helicopter will be easy to fly, relatively speaking; one out of balance, or with controls incorrectly harmonized, will give the operator endless troubles. If you can get professional help with the setting-up at this stage it will save a lot of heartache – and quite a few dollars.

The correct operation and setting of the engine is also an important factor, for example knowing how far to turn the main needle valve in, without the risk of the engine going too lean, getting too hot and cutting out, and obtaining a smooth, consistant transition throughout the throttle range is vital.

Kyosho Caliber 5 Gas 1/10th RC Helicopter ARF

Kyosho Caliber 5 Gas 1/10th RC Helicopter ARF

Kyosho Caliber 5 Gas 1/10th RC Helicopter ARF

The all new Caliber 5 is a newly designed semi assembled 50 class helicopter. The lightweight monocoque composite frame

features a low stance for less rotating mass during axial 3D aerobatics. The Caliber 5 is designed with the the advanced

3D pilot in mind. The precision linkages and the sliding MMS tray are easily adjustable for new pilots input as well as

the precise demands of the advanced pilot. The Caliber 5 is easily converted to the Electronic Mixing System ( EMS) with

the optional linkage set and the supplied motor mount accepts both the YS and OS 50 class glow engine.


Carbon main rotors finished in gel coat are included as standard feature – at this incredible price.

Adjustment-friendly MMS control. Servo bed slides out so the variable pitch of each control input can be adjusted separately.

Aileron, elevator and pitch control all use push-pull linkages for sharp and reliable control.

The unique resin monocoque frame produces the strength and rigidity for superior 3D flight.

Radio box for receiver and battery provides organized management of wiring.

Equipped with 80cc sub fuel tank suitable for intensive 3D acrobatic flight.

Full ball bearing specifications including critical linkage bellcranks.

Latest styling from low height & lightweight brace and sharp body.

Semi-assembled mainframe and tail boom assembly means only a short time is needed to complete assembly.

Equipped with precision metal parts such as aluminum clutch drum and pulley combined with steel/resin swash plate, steel

head (yoke, center hub, see-saw) to meet the demands of 3D flying.

Converts to EMS (Electronic Mixing System) with optional linkage set. (CA5140)


Length: 1160mm

Width: 220mm

Height: 400mm

Weight: 3100g (approx)

Main Rotor: 1340mm

Gear Ratio: 9.6:1:5

Engine: 50 class

R/C System: 6-ch, 5 servos, 1 gyro for R/C helicopters

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