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Jet RC Airplane

As the latest chapter in rc aircraft unfolds we are now getting into the exciting world of jet power – with this comes the extra skills necessary to fly the faster models (some as fast as 300+ mph) although not all rc jet aircraft have to be fitted with an actual jet engine, as the earlier type of jet model aircraft can be fitted with a pusher type ic or electric engine/motor and propeller or the more realistic looking rc jet aircraft can be fitted out using a ducted fan engine with small diameter multi bladed fan within a duct, the only compromise is the sound these alternate rc jet airplanes make in comparison to the actual turbine jet powered rc airplane giving a more realistic jet engine sound.

Beginners flying rc jet aircraft would be advised to get the help of someone experienced in flying rc aircraft and maybe start with a slower pusher type jet aircraft or maybe a Cessna trainer or GWS Slow Stick ARF ParkFlyer and get some experience of rc aircraft flying first before going onto the sleek WWll jet scale rc aircraft. As it would be a sad day when on your first flight your ducted fan rc jet plane is totally destroyed crashing into the ground. An expensive way to learn how to fly rc aircraft – so my advice is start with the slower propeller type planes first and master the basic skills of flight first then go onto the faster jet types be it ducted fan or turbine powered.

So with the three types of rc jet aircraft power sources i.e. – pusher prop – ducted fan – turbine jet power, the most popular are the pusher and ducted fan with models of the type for ducted fan F16 Fighting Falcon. The ducted fan using a small electric fan and duct with a speed 20,000 rpm this rc jet uses the efficient Vasa 55 carbon fiber fan unit.

There is the SU-30 Fighter Jet designed on the real SU-30 Fighter Jet. Making great models for the experienced rc jet aircraft flyer.

Megatech A7 Tornado 2 Channel RTF Electric – Ducted Fan – Jet being another popular model coming 99% pre built out of the box for rc aircraft modellers, with it’s ultra low-drag stator-blade fan-jet design, can reach speeds of 25mph silently with its high swept high-lift wing. This rc ducted fan jet airplane truly has the technology to stay on course and is an ease to land.

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