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Mini RC Helicopters

Why has there been such a revolution towards the introduction of ARTF model aircraft and in particular fixed-wing models – rc helicopters have always been in the ARTF class- where most of the work is involved with bolting parts together?
Undoubtedly there are more demands on our leisure time than before, but that is only one reason. For many model flyer the emphasis is on the pleasure of flying the models and not the building, so if that is the case and you can limit the amount of valuable time in the workshop and have more on the flying field, it would seem to be a sensible trade-off.

This brand new EASY TO FLY mini electric rc helicopter has no strings or tethers attached and IS PERFECT FOR EVERYONE. Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a expert at flying remote control helicopters! This amazing little rc helicopter is safe to fly indoors too. Pilot the airways right inside your very own living room, bedroom, and office. Super precise flying allows tons of remote control helicopter fun. Amaze your friends, family, and even your pets! The staff loves this mini rc helicopter and it comes with the rechargeable battery, charger & transmitter for under $100! With this helicopter we made it extremely easy to hover in one spot and is suitable for all ages 8-80! Comes with free shipping and makes a great gift idea for kids to executives. Soar to heights of over 60 feet today. Holiday season is almost here and i am already looking for good christmas gifts for men that i can buy for my family.Order today and receive free shipping.

Mini RC Helicopter Flys Forward, Up, Down, Left, Right, & Hovers Too!

Brand new EASY TO FLY mini electric rc helicopter has no strings attached,

So Introducing this mini rc helicopter and YES THEY  REALLY  FLY forward, left, right, up, down, and hover too with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Forget about cheap imitations that only fly up and down. Comes with dual stick remote control. This mini rc helicopter is in the running for hottest rc toy of the year….

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