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RC Electric Firebird Commander 2

Firebird Commander 2 RTF

HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2, nothing as exciting as Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) has come to entry-level radio-controlled planes since HobbyZone was established.
Here’s how it works: Two sensors on the fuselage, one on the top and one on the bottom, keep an eye on the situation of the airplane relative to the ground. When the airplane is flying level altitude, the top sensor distinguishes the sky while the lower sensor sees the land, and they inform the onboard computer (receiver) that the airplane is flying appropriately. If the airplane goes into a rigorous plummet, the sensors sense the direction and respond to the hazard that the airplane is then in. The software in the receiver will then momentarily cut the motor, and right the harsh angle and pitch of the airplane. This will affect the nose to come up and pulls the airplane out of the dive to help avert the airplane from crashing. The pilot is then able to recover and be in charge again. If pilots are flying appropriately and do not put the airplane into a relentless dive circumstance while ACT is engaged, they will have absolute control of the plane’s flight pattern. Once users gain understanding of flying, they can turn ACT off.

Firebird Commander 2
Firebird Commander 2 RTF

Now, you can benefit this technological advance by acquiring a Firebird Commander 2. This airplane comes with the whole thing that you need to teach yourself how to fly, together with a battery pack for the plane, batteries for the transmitter, and a how to video and manual. All of this, together with the ground-breaking Anti-Crash Technology, makes a price of less than $100 seem like a pinch. And, with the capability to shut ACT off, it’s like you get two airplanes in one.

You can learn to fly the Firebird Commander 2 with ACT available, and then shut it off to fly more forcefully and to use X-Port modules, such as the Aerial Drop Module (HBZ6023), Sonic Combat Module (HBZ4020) or the Night Flight Module (HBZ3510). Because flying at night is very tricky, you should be quite qualified to fly the Firebird Commander 2 before you endeavor to use this module and the ACT software should be shut off.

Firebird Commander 2 RTF

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