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RC Gas Engines

The perfect engine for the Green Model USA –
Extra 330L ARF Gas Powered Airplane

Side draft carburetor

Pitts style muffler available

Induction trumpet included

Electronic ignition included – fixed timing

– 3.0 lbs without plug, ignition or muffler
– Ignition is very light weight at just 3 oz
– Lightweight Pitts muffler at 6.5 oz.


RPM Range
Fuel Ratio
Piston Rod
Prop Size
Static Thrust
45cc/2.7 ci
4.2 hp
1200-7800 RPM
Regular Gas
1:25 for break in then up to 1:40 Oil/Gas
2 Needle Bearings
2 Ball Bearings
6 Volt- Electronic (Fixed Advance)
2 Channels
19×8 to 20×8 break in, 21×8 normal operation
18 lbs depending on air density and humidity

The standard in sport engine technology, in a unique streamlined design for your nitro RC airplane!

More cooling fin area extends the life of the engine, and virtually eliminates engine seizures in the air.
Added “webbing” on the crankcase strengthens high-stress areas to help ensure that they stand up to the rigors of learning to fly.
Overall tighter needle valve fit utilizes an “O” ring to help maintain the performance levels you need
A fuel inlet that points up allows for easier fuel line access for fueling and defueling
.40 & .46 LA are also available in natural gray color (OSMG0041, OSMG0047)
include a glow plug
great for beginners with carb adjustment on opposite side of prop

The big news in large-scale sport power!

Designed for sport, but engineered for excellence, the .91 FX offers the power and user-friendly features of otherFX Series engines in a displacement fit for large-scale aircraft. The .91 FX neatly bridges the power gap between .60-size glow engines and gas engines, by offering the easy familiarity of glow technology combined with the added power that today’s large-scale modelers demand.

With its top output of 2.8 hp, the .91 FX can put a large-scale plane through its paces with ease. And with O.S.’ meticulous testing and design behind it, large-scale pilots can fly the best in long-term dependability.

Multi-position remote-mounted needle valve design offers greater flexibility and safety for the pilot. The needle valve can be positioned upright or to the side to avoid cowl modifications and preserve scale looks.
Coarse threads and an O-ring seal on the needle valve minimize settings creep over time due to vibration and air leaks, providing more flights with fewer adjustments.
Extra-long crankshaft and locknut assembly offer more thread length for better prop nut engagement and more safety for pilots and onlookers.
A lower crankcase profile leaves room for more head height and cooling fins-semi-squared head design further enhances cooling capacity and performance.
Dual bearing design includes a larger front bearing for added durability and smoothness.
The ideal power plant for mostTop Flite®Gold Edition Kits

Stock Number: OSMG0591
Displacement: 0.912 cu in (15.0 cc)
Bore: 1.091 in (27.7 mm)
Stroke: 0.976 in (24.8 mm)
Practical RPM: 2,000-16,000
Output: 2.8 hp @ 15,000 rpm
Weight: 19.3 oz (550 g)
Includes: Muffler, Safety Propeller Locknut Assembly, #8 glow plug
Requires: fuel, mount & prop
Recommended Propellers: 13×8-9

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