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Searching for electric RC helicopters?

The Bladerunner series indoor rc helicopters use co-axial designed rotor blades.  However, with the introduction of high power lithium batteries it is easy to find an electric rc helicopter that matches or exceeds the performance of gas rc helicopters.
An electric rc helicopter is much less likely to cause personal injury than the relatively heavy blades used on gas rc helicopters.
Our Electric RC Helicopters set the stringent fun standards set by the world’s elite governing bodies.  In recent years, electric rc helicopters have seriously dropped in price, become very widely available and have become much easier to fly thanks to better stability, making them the ultimate ‘must have’ radio control model.  Fully Ready To Fly (but requiring some set-up for better results), the FP 4 channel electric rc helicopters are great for beginners.  The Blade CP Pro follows hot on the heels of the tried and trusted Blade CP, one of the most popular electric rc helicopters in its class*, while the newer Axe CP uses electronic CPPM (eCPPM) for smooth and precise control.  With the majority of electric rc helicopters, so long as you are sensible and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely, there is absolutely no reason why you should have any serious problems or difficulties with learning to fly your helicopter quickly and safely.

A lot of people are doing the same thing right now! That’s why Trend Times had to span the globe for the most amazing RC helicopters and put on their site just for you. Don’t pay thousands of dollars for RC helicopter  when Trend Times offers high quality ready to fly (RTF) electric RC helicopters. Serving both the beginner pilots and experienced pilots. Their electric RC helicopters come assembled and ready to fly (RTF) New 6 Channel Dragon W/Belt Drive, HB Pro, T-Rex, and Super Dragon helicopters with belt drive/aluminum upgrade parts are collective pitch RC helicopters which allow 3D flight and inverted flight maneuvers

Check out their new fly with friends special, offering amazing price breaks when purchasing 2 or more electric RC helicopters. They also carry a large selection of toy helicopters that are great for all ages. Buy electric RC helicopters right now and get free shipping! Order Quickly Online Or Call And Place Your Remote Control Helicopter Order Toll Free At1-800-350-5420. High flying indoor/outdoor electric RC helicopters are lots of fun at reasonable Trend Times prices! Yes, helicopters really fly. Don’t worry, we carry all spare parts for these remote control helicopters.Traditional RC helicopters cost thousands of dollars and you have to assemble them! Now you can buy remote control helicopters for a lot less and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert RC helicopter pilot! Plus,  remote control helicopters come fully assembled and ready to fly. Trend Times doesn’t want you to spend time building when you can be having fun flying your new electric RC helicopter. Featured are a great assortment of RC helicopters that come factory assembled and ready to fly. Don’t Delay. Order An Rc Helicopter Today

This has got to be the most law defiying rc helicopter flying display I have ever witnessed it is just awsome have a look and just be amazed at some of the flying antics this machine gets up to this must go against all laws of aeronautics I have ever been taught.. well done Alan Szabo jnr – also well done the camera man keeping up with this display,,,

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