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RC Jet Engine

Model rc jets have conventionally been deficient in the realism of having a true jet engine until recent years; in the past jets needed to be power-driven by either gas or electric motors with a propeller (thus messing up the look of the aircraft), loud ducted fan or ‘pulse jets’ (which are more rocket motors than something else), but now they can be power-driven by a fully well-designed rc jet turbine engine. The speeds of rc jet engines are incredibly fast and can actually turn your model jet into a dangerous missile if you can’t fly it as it should be. This could suddenly get serious and injure you if you don’t know what you are doing. So if you are going to get into remote control jet engines aircraft, start with a pusher, and then develop to a ducted fan jet. After you have the understanding from flying those aircrafts, then you should move onto rc jet engines.
RC Jet Engine Videos:

Rafale RC Jet. with simjet 1200. TAKE OFF
Pruebas en Bancada – Turbina JetCat P60
Rafale RC Jet. with simjet 1200

RC jets can be powered by ic piston ducted fan, electric ducted fan and more recently and much more strikingly model gas turbine  engines. Pulse jets are an additional selection but not quite as widespread these days. A pulse jet is fundamentally a type of rocket engine, but many rc jet modelers who saw pulse jets as the ultimate rc thrill have since moved up a step to the model rc gas jet engines.
RC Jet Engine Videos:

My jet modal engine Turbine startup
Model jets and spills in New Zealand
Jet Blast –R/C Jet AirPlanes

The next imperative thing to chat about is about RC jet repairs and maintenance plus what you need to do too take care of your jet accurately. You should always use a good, high quality, fuel that has the right amount of oil in it. Also, make sure rc jet engines have the proper fuel and air mixture going through the engine. Another good maintenance tip is to keep your engine appropriately tuned if it is a fuel powered turbine jet, but if it is electric, just make sure that you keep it in a cool dry place so the motor will stay functioning well.

A model jet engine can vary in design from one rc model to another, but they all work on the same principle: at the front of the engine is a rotating compressor – much the same as one to be found in a car turbocharger. This draws the airflow into the chamber, slowing the air down and cooling it at the same time. The fuel, which is nearly always kerosene, is introduced into the chamber as a very fine spray and so mixes with the air easily. This fuel/air mixture is then ignited by a small glow plug, much the same as the one found on a 2 or 4 cycle model airplane engine

Few full-sized helicopters are powered by petrol engines. Nearly all are gas turbo jet engine powered and the same is almost true for rc models. Gas turbo jet engines are already featured in scale model rc helicopter models and they look and sound right

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