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RC ADVENTURES – SCALE F-14 TOMCAT TWIN MOTOR EDF JET- BUILD / UPGRADE OVERVIEW – PT 1 – This is an overview to my F-14 EDF jet. You know I cant leave this stock – so with a few upgrades from http and, this EDF is going to be converted into a sky screamer. I will be putting in 2 5250KV EDF systems, equipt with dual Exceed RC 60A ESC’s. I have decided to go ahead and switch it over to a Spektrum DX7 DSM 2 RX for un-interuptable signal strength, and for the mixing capabilities. I will need the mixing for the Ailerons/Elevons. I have decided to power this new “Rocket” with a MaxAmps battery that punches out a SUPREME 60C burst from a 2200mah 3S LIPO battery. OH MOMMA! Lol.. it will RIP across the open skies. Thanks MaxAmps – your gear is the best. This plane comes featured with a “sweepback wing”, that adds more speed and stealth-like action. Extremely amped about this build, as it will certainly have enough power to pull out of most stalls I may throw at it. I am impressed by the extreme scale realism of the RTF model. TOO AWESOME! I almost dont want to fly it, simply not to have anything bad happen.. bahaha.. but you know I will. Currently.. during filming time.. it is -25c outside.. winter has finally caught up with me in Calgary Canada.. and Ill have to wait to fly it.. BUT.. that doesnt stop me from being able to put it together and drool for a bit.

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