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RC F-9F Turbine Jet Preview Before Build

Hi Everyone I have been getting alot of requests to show this model so I put together a short preview. This is the FBjets F9F Grumman Panther. Thanks for viewing and commenting


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Uploaded by TinkerManRC on 12 Nov 2011

Hi Everyone
This is the RC Landers F9F Panther, 70 MM EDF Jet owned and operated by Paul. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for sharing paul..TMRC.




I have the same plane. She looks a tad tail heavy on take-off and landing. I added to metal susp retracts. Great video

srwilliams1963 10 months ago




Is this the same as Hobby Lobby’s Panther?




Not really sure, there may be some differences.. thanks for visitng and commenting..Tim





glad you enjoyed and thanks for your super comments and support it is surely appreciated ,,Tim




I reinforced that front gear plywood and never had probs since.. and to think that mine came at 1.8kg + of lying weight




This is Paul, I think your right she was definitely tail heavy looking back at this video, I used a 2300 4s for the maiden so next time I’ll use a 3000 4s which should help. Thanks




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