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Sirio Nitro Engine

Trinity Sirio S18TXPTR Nitro Engine
“…the highest horsepower per cubic inch of
any engine we’ve ever tested.” –
RC Nitro Magazine

Trinity is proud to announce that we are the exclusive North American importers for the new Sirio line of engines direct from Italy. This new line of nitro engines has been designed by Andrea Rossi using his years of experience in R/C nitro motors.

The .12 racing engine will come in “Standard” and “Outlaw” specs. The “Standard” will engine will conform to ROAR specs and feature and ABC piston and sleeve, 4 ports, turbo crank,rear exhaust and a slide carb. The .12 “Outlaw” engine will feature, AAC piston/sleeve construction, 5 ports, turbo head, turbo crank and a slide carb.

The .21 racing engine will come in an “On-Road” and “Off-Road” model. Both motors feature AAC piston/sleeve construction, 7 ports for the onroad, 5 ports for the offroad, turbo button head, hardened turbo crank, hardened car barrel insert, 3 tuning adjustment slide carb, and a volume metric racing pack-plate. The “Buggy” and “On-Road” motors are differentiated by the power bands. The “On-Road” motor has a much “harder” hitting power band and the “Buggy” engine is tuned to be smoother to help get the power to the ground in the dirt.

Now owners of the original T-Maxx can enjoy the same Sirio .18 horsepower that has been available for the new T-Maxx 2.5

Trinity Sirio S18TXPTR Nitro Engine


Round port exhaust
Crankcase designed with multiple cooling fins
Crankcase has mounting area for manifold springs
Charcoal color heatsink
Fully threaded crankshaft
Pull start
Rotary carburetor
Sealed front bearing
7 port engine
Comes with manifold and mounting springs

One Sirio T-Maxx .18 motor
One manifold with mounting springs
Flywheel collet
Turbo head button included but not installed
Black carrying case with Sirio logo on the top
Hex wrench

Glow Plug (Sirio recommends Turbo TRIG9406 or Non-Turbo TRIG9403)
Fuel (Sirio recommends Trinity Monster Horsepower 20% TRIP1020)

Displacement: 3.0CC (0.18 cid)
Practical rpm: 4,000-36,000
Power Output: 1.9HP@ 40,000 rpm
Crankshaft thread size: 5mm
Distance/cylinder head to bottom of mounting flanges: 3.00″ (76.4mm)
Distance/top of cylinder head to bottom of crankcase: 3.50″ (88mm)
Distance/bottom of mounting flanges to crankcase bottom:0.41″(10.4mm)
Distance between mounting holes same side: 0.43″ (11mm)
Distance between mounting holes opposite side: 1.24″ (31.4mm)
Distance/back of engine to front of drive washer: 3.09″ (78.6mm)
Distance/back of engine to end of crankshaft: 3.68″ (93mm)
Distance between mounting flanges (width): 1.53″ (39mm)

This is the Sirio .18 Original engine for the Traxxas T-Maxx.

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