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X UFO RC Flying Toy

The X UFOis the hottest and most unique flying object this year. The X UFO incorporates the latest miniature technology, which comes with a unique electronic control system. It utilizes powerful electric motors with two pairs of counter-rotating propellers and an innovative gyro for incredible stability. Made of ultra lightweight carbon fiber and EPP foam, it can fly up to 300 feet indoors or outside.

One red and three blue flashing LED lights not only assist orientation and indicate when the gyro is up to speed, but also make it look like a real UFO, especially when flown in the dark! The X-UFO features a 4 channel proportional radio control, with individual trims to finely balance each function for optimum performance. With the Digital 4 CH Radio you can control all aspects of flight, throttle, pitch, roll, and yaw! Fantastic radio range of over 300 feet means you can fly outdoors on calm days up to the limits of visibility.

This new rc ufo offers an amazing outdoor and indoor precision flying experience. Weighing in at only 11 ounces plus it is great for amateurs and experienced rc pilots.
This innovative gadget incorporates the latest miniature technology, utilizing four powerful electric motors. Truely amazing electronics gives you the precise control and hovering capabilities of a 4 channel remote control helicopter

RC UFO utilizes two pairs of counter-rotating propellers and an electronic gyroscope for incredible stability plus 4 individual motors to deliver smooth power.


4 channel RC transmitter
Range up to 300 feet
Electronic gyroscope
Charger-AC adaptor or automobile adaptor
Unique electronic control system
Quad motors! And all are independent.
Tough durable, resilient EPP foam body
All factory assembled. Easy and ready-to-fly
Full three dimensional control: Take off, hover and descend, spin left & right, pitch forwards & backwards, left & right
Attractive box with carry handle
8 (eight) x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries for transmitter
Diameter 22 in
350ft Range
Can be Flown Indoors or Outside

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